Chat PM Control. How to Prevent unwanted PMs

If you would like to control who is allowed to PM you or prevent bothersome individuals from bothering you follow the following steps. Once you have been chatting a while you have probably received a few unwanted messages. The following steps are very simple and take a few seconds. But remember you will have to repeat these steps at every login.

These are the following commands to give you the ability to make a list of those who you would like to be able to PM you and blocks the rest.

To enable type /mode Nickname +g
To add someone to your list: /accept +nick (also when you PM someone it auto adds that person to your list)
To remove someone from your list: /accept –nick
To show who is on your list: /accept *

Again remember you will have to relog the information at each new log it. it’s also easy to keep your block list in a note so you can copy paste at relog.

Be safe and Happy Chatting!