LewdChat Nudes

LewdChat Nudes

This is so much more than you get from the average nude photo exchange sites. Are you a voyeur who likes to watch others show off? Or maybe an exhibitionist who likes getting others excited with your sassy, steamy pictures.  Is this a day where you want some attention and praise for just being you? If you like to workout, who doesn’t like to share in your progress as you tone and hone a bit?  Or perhaps, you’ve never had the courage to send an erotic, sensual picture to someone, but would love to try it without much risk. Then this is the best group chat room to share your pictures anonymously and for free.Chat now

No one says you have to take it all off.  You can tease and please with pictures showing any amount of skin to celebrate more than just the naughty bits. Show us how you look in your sexy underwear or lingerie, fresh from the shower wearing only a towel, or posing in your tighty-whities because you fill them out nicely. Bring along your toys if you want. If you’re really bold, you can give us a virtual strip tease, taking more off in a short series of pics. And if you’re here to enjoy the show, you can share your reactions (whether they are verbal or non-verbal) to what you see in the chat.

Lady viewers here appreciate lots more of a man’s body than most realize, so don’t think you need to share only dick pics to please. Did you know many women find strong, not necessarily overly muscled forearms or the backs of a man’s hands extremely sexy? And exposing any portion of a man’s stomach or belly can have the same effect on some women as a girl’s cleavage has on guys.

You also can share more than pictures.  Short, browser-accessible gifs and movies can enhance your show, inspiring admiring visitors to open up and expand their praise.  Some regulars are audio enthusiasts who will show their appreciation with their sultry or suggestive voice notes also.

No matter what your orientation is, what level of exposure you’re comfortable with, or which media form you prefer, we invite everyone to visit and chat casually to learn about our friendly community. There’s no obligation to post a picture, comment on what you see, or even to participate in DMs (Direct Messages) from others.  Just let everyone know your activity level preference and join the fun.

Why LewdChat Nudes?

The LewdChat Nudes channel promotes a positive body image environment.  Everyone can be their worst critic at times, but we embrace the idea that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.  As a community, we thrive on mutual trust and understanding, accepting that not everyone has the same taste or preference in what they like.  If you like what you see, speak up and let the owner of that picture know why you like them just the way they are!

Several hundred people visit our nudes chat room daily and from countries around the world, making this a cozy, broadminded environment that can be more encouraging for first-time picture posters.  You can be the only one posting and getting the attention, or wait until others post if you want “company” on stage.  Sometimes, people need or want encouragement to boost their confidence.   Here it is always your choice whether you post or not and when you post – we don’t allow anyone to pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with.

If you’re looking for a change, you can even ask for suggestions on poses to emphasize your assets in new and exciting ways.  Or just hang out and watch others to get ideas you might like to try. The chat and banter in our Nudes channel is always good-natured and free-flowing in between posts. It’s a relaxed and mellow environment that can make it easier to make connections with other visitors also.  We like to say many come for the nudes but stay for the conversations.

Safety First

We want everyone to have fun but also be safe while they do it.  You can’t be sure what will happen if pictures end up in the wrong hands, so we also encourage you to take a few extra steps to prevent exposing who you really are.Chat now

It’s best to hide your pretty face, so crop that picture or hide enough of it so we see only from your chin down. Be aware of what you are showing from your home as well and remove other photos from your background. If you post here often and have photos you frequently share, consider using watermarks to reduce the risk of unauthorized reuse on the internet.

We like tattoos and piercings BUT it’s more important you can’t be recognized or exposed from other websites you frequent. If you have distinctive, very personalized tattoos, you might consider leaving those out of your pictures or airbrushing them before you post.

How to Share

To share audio, video, or pictures in the chatroom, you’ll need to move the file from your phone or pc to a web hosting service, then copy a direct link for that picture in the chat.  The best third-party sites display the pictures in a browser, do not require (or allow) anyone to download your pictures to see them, support anonymous sharing, and automatically delete the photos.

If you use an IRC client application to access LewdChat Nudes, it may support direct file shares.  In this case, we suggest making sure location data is removed also before you post.

A list of web hosting sites some of our members use is in our forum See LewdChat Forum


We don’t have too many rules, but the ones we have are very important and help us keep the Nudes chat room a warm, friendly place for everyone.

  • You must be over the age of 18 now and at the time the picture was taken.
  • Photos must be Selfies only!  You aren’t allowed to repost nude pictures of anyone other than yourself.  Our site is anonymous after all, so there’s no way to confirm whether you got permission to share someone else’s pictures.
  • No Saving without explicit permission. Pictures here are for you to see while here only.
  • Do not ask, solicit, demand, beg, coerce, or try to trick anyone into posting. It is always their choice on what and when they post.
  • Be respectful and polite. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
  • It’s not a contest. Don’t compare pictures or people. Everyone is an individual and attractive in their own way.

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