Getting Noticed in LewdChat 

You’re here. For whatever reason, you’re on the main channel of LewdChat. It’s often fast-paced and chaotic. So how does someone get noticed in the rush of all those conversations? You do that with your identity and activity.

Your Identity

Straight men represent the majority of LewdChat visitors. Individually, you compete with almost all other men for the remaining 66% of women (estimated) who are straight.  To stand out with your info, consider:

  • Nicknames – it’s great to be anonymous every time, but that means you start from scratch each time you use another name.
    • Use the same nickname on your visits so people recognize you in the channel.
    • If you have something clever and like it, restrict it to your own use by Registering it. There are lots of guys named Jack but maybe only one JackinABox. 
    • Some words or phrases are overused. Including “Horny” in your nickname can seem selfish, considering we’re all probably horny or we wouldn’t be here. “Big Dick” comes off as bragging even if true. “Dom” can scare off those wanting vanilla sexting or can attract submissive women.
    • Novelty names, like famous people or food, always stand out.  They make both good and bad impressions.
  • Location – can have more than just country, continent, or US State
    • Expand gender info if that shows what you are open to (e.g., bi-sexual, or pan-sexual)
    • List your offers (e.g., oral, BDSM, degrading, etc.)

Women, regardless of partner preferences, are outnumbered about 5:1.  You don’t have to say anything; others will see a new F in the Members list and will message you directly or tag you in the channel. It can be overwhelming and maybe a nuisance if your interests aren’t the same as theirs. In this case, your strategy might include:

  • You can choose a ‘normal’ nickname or create one that tells others how you feel or behave. While I prefer using “casey”, you may create a nickname that suggests you are cute, cuddly, feminine, a tomboy, wild and crazy, slutty, furry, mean, bratty, or downright nasty.
  • Location
    • Add info to your location to explain whom you want to be contacted by or what you are looking for (e.g., only ladies, only older men, a submissive, RP only, etc.). 
    • You can also expand gender information.  “A bi-sexual looking for girls” might avoid a few messages while “Bi-sexual” would imply you are open to women and men. 

Your Activity

Join the chat

The largest channels delay each person’s JOIN message to prevent spamming when many people join. So, until you post a comment or a mod flushes the channel, your nickname won’t immediately appear in the Member list.  This can allow you a few minutes to “lurk” while you read the channel rules in the topic, or watch what is being posted by other members or the channel bots.

  • You can let others see you join with any post, like “Hi” or a single character
  • With so many conversations going on, it’s best to tag people using their nickname in your post if you speak to anyone specific.
  • Don’t be rude or mean.  If you make a mistake, apologize quickly, then move on.
  • You don’t have to post anything – but posts are a significant way to let others know you want to meet them. It’s also where you can show others why they might want to pm/dm you.

It’s important to understand channel and community rules, so take the time to read them before joining conversations so you don’t upset others, get kicked, or be banned.

Stand Out

  • For the first week or so, let others know you’re new, returning after an absence, or still trying to get used to the site.  Most don’t mind helping newcomers.
  • Play duck hunt – a friendly competition against others to kill a duck in the main channel. 
  • Once you’re comfortable, welcome other new Members. Share what you like here, find out what they are looking for, and help if you can. They may remember you for your kindness later.
  • Flirt
    • Compliment someone on something they said, their name, or their info.
    • Use playful language to show interest.
    • Use interesting emojis, puns, or jokes.
    • Ask flirty (not too personal) questions.
    • Tell someone you’re interested in them.
    • Don’t be too forward or sexual in public rooms; flirting should be light and playful.
  • Talk about non-sexual passions:
    • Favorite foods – something you ate recently or want to try.  Include a picture.
    • Music – share a link to a song you’re listening to, a favorite chilling song, a favorite workout song, or find a song that someone’s comments reminded you of.
    • Movies – What did you stream recently, what did you like, were you disappointed about the ending, would you recommend it, what’s your favorite movie.
    • TV shows – season finales (without spoilers), new seasons.
    • Memes – particularly if relevant to one of the conversations flowing in the channel.
    • Video Games – there are lots of gamers here.  Talk about what you are playing or what you are thinking about playing. Ask for recommendations.
  • Avoid triggering topics such as mental health. You may be bored, or not in the best headspace, but it’s not up to anyone else to entertain you.
  • Let others know if you need real help and don’t know where else to get it. Ask someone if they have time to hear you vent or give an outside opinion.

Politeness always stands out! Don’t leave your manners with your pants when you come in.

  • Visit the smaller public channels. They have different Members and “vibes”.  Fewer people mean a cozier environment where it’s easier to get noticed.

And finally, be patient. It’s unreasonable to think you’ll be sexting the moment you step in. You don’t randomly ask people for sex in real life, right? Good things come if you put in some time and effort.


Lewdchat a Kik alternative

If you’re tired of using Kik for your sexting and horny chat needs, it might be time to try out a new platform. Lewdchat is a premier online destination for adults looking to indulge in a variety of chat rooms suited to their needs, including horny chat, sex chat, and sexting. With its easy-to-use interface, Lewdchat offers a more enjoyable and engaging chat experience compared to other platforms.

Chat nowBut what sets Lewdchat apart from other chat platforms like Kik? Here are a few reasons why Lewdchat might be the perfect alternative for you:

  • Fewer annoying ads: If you’re sick of seeing unskippable, annoying ads on other chat platforms, you’ll appreciate the fewer ads on Lewdchat. This means you can enjoy your conversations without being constantly interrupted by unwanted advertisements. At Lewdchat, we strive to provide a positive and welcoming environment for adults to connect and explore their desires.
  • Growing community: Unlike other chat platforms that are experiencing a decline in users, Lewdchat is a growing community. This means you’ll have more people to connect with and be a part of something new and exciting. Our community is made up of individuals from all around the world, so you’ll have the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and interests.
  • Safe and anonymous: At Lewdchat, we take your privacy and security seriously. Our chat rooms are open 24/7 and provide a safe and anonymous space for adults to explore their desires and connect with like-minded individuals who share their interests in horny chat, sex chat, and sexting. We understand that discretion is important when it comes to sexting and horny chat, and we aim to create a space where you can feel comfortable expressing your desires without fear of judgment.
  • Active moderation: Unlike Kik, Lewdchat has active moderation to ensure that our chat rooms remain safe and respectful. Our moderation team works around the clock to keep our chat rooms free from inappropriate or offensive content, so you can feel confident that you’re in a safe and welcoming environment.

Joining Lewdchat is easy – just click on the ‘Chat Now!’ button and you’ll be redirected to one of our adult chat rooms where you can choose your nickname and start exploring your desires. And with our chat rooms always open, you can connect with others whenever the mood strikes.Chat nowSo why stick with a declining platform like Kik when you can try out Lewdchat and experience the benefits for yourself? We can’t wait to see what kind of fun and intimacy you’ll find at Lewdchat.


Roleplaying Guidelines

We all come to LewdChat for various reasons. Some to hang and talk with friends. Some shoot ducks. And most, at some point, want to sext with someone they get along with. Engaging in erotic roleplay can be incredible and equally enjoyable if certain guidelines are followed to ensure the experience is pleasurable for all parties involved.

Welcome your partner into a private messaging session, or DM. Or if you are initiating the DM session, do the same and greet them well. Try to make each other feel welcome. A relaxed and comfortable environment will go a long way to assist in fulfilling everyone’s goal. Remember this is some people’s first time and they are nervous, worried, and possibly scared. Kind salutations give them a sense of calm to an otherwise nervous situation.

Asking what they are into, what turns them on, is vital. You need to know why they are here. We all have desires but we need to elaborate them to our partner so they know what we are looking for in the interaction to follow. And this helps us know what to do, how to act, and to make the event more of a success.

ALWAYS ask about their limits. We all have boundaries and an explicit definition of them can be a make or break moment in the session. Ask what they are ok with, what they aren’t. Arguments do not have a place in this discussion; be respectful of what the other person feels comfortable or not to engage in. We all have kinks so be supportive and if you can’t entertain their requests, politely inform them so they can keep looking. Also, understand what “no limits” means. Scat and Piss are not something everybody is into, so if you are not into them you probably shouldn’t say No Limits.

Role Playing/RP:
You need to make sure you are explaining what you desire, or what you will be doing. This is supposed to be enjoyable for both sides. Make sure to ask questions so the RP session is satisfying for both. Again, if you are not comfortable or don’t feel you can RP surrounding a certain preference or topic, let them know. The specifics should be agreeable to both parties for it to be enjoyable.

Never just jump in and start the activities. Communicate at the beginning, and during. Things change quickly and you should be checking in with your partner to ensure they are having a good time.

Safe Word:
Most of the time, a safe word is used in situations where something could potentially go wrong or unpleasantly. It is a good practice to ask them for a safe word. This allows anyone who has issues with the present situation to stop it immediately. This is normal for various types of BDSM roleplaying, but can be used for almost any chat/sexting.

Both of you:
Remember that there are two(or perhaps more) of you in that moment. Make sure you are including them in everything, indulging in what is pleasurable for them, and ensuring that it proceeds as they desired. We should ensure that both parties are enjoying this, and not just one.

Next Time:
Consider the above suggestions as they could lead to you being asked for another chat next time they are online.

We all want to enjoy our time on LewdChat, and together. Being open to others’ thoughts, wishes, and desires ensures everyone has a place here to be themselves. Kinks are not always easy for everyone to open up about. We need to make certain that LewdChat is a safe place to feel comfortable enough to do just that.


Public Roleplay Etiquette

The first and most important thing to know while using the services of LewdChat are the Community Rules

We all come to LewdChat to destress and to have some fun, to a place where we feel safe. Some part of that fun happens in public and the rules, as iterated above, apply everywhere on the chat platform. Below, you will find some advice that will be appropriate for you to follow if you choose to participate in the public roleplaying channels.

First and paramount, Consent! As stated in the community rules and guidelines, consent is of utmost importance, including public roleplay on the chat. Always ask your partner(s) for consent, whether the erotic roleplaying is in a public channel or a private messaging session. We all like to have fun together , but if a partner declines or says no, we must be respectful and cease our pursuit by not continuing to irritate or antagonize them further. No means No.

Second, as any user can read the messages in a public channel, Be respectful! Avoid sensitive topics and more extreme kinks, as they might be over the limits and/or triggering to the majority of the readers or participants. It is appropriate to ask what the partner(s)’ likes and dislikes are, and what they are into.

Third, when being involved with multiple partners, take into consideration that others might want to join and be part of the fun as well. If it is consensual for all parties involved, work with them, try to balance and don’t let ego stop you from having an inclusively enjoyable time, perhaps making some new friends on the way. Do not try to force your way into the RP or make it all about only your pleasure. Fun is most fun when it is shared.

Fourth, your partner(s) may have certain limits when it comes to erotic roleplaying, Respect their boundaries. Make everyone involved feel like it’s a safe space by not violating the explicit boundaries set by them, or acting in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. Communication is key and inquiring about such limits is advisable if you feel like the situation necessitates it. Similarly, there may be certain topics and acts that are most desirable for them; being considerate of what pleases them ensures everyone has a pleasant and pleasurable experience.

In the end, LewdChat and the channels on the platform are where we come to find escape, and a place we know we will not be judged for who we are. We only have to follow the rules, be respectful towards others, and not forget we are part of a sociable community.


The Resident Agreement

Resident Agreement:


First and foremost, LewdChat is a community by and for its users. Residents are the pillars of the LewdChat community, that support and uphold the Community Agreement, 


As a Resident of LewdChat, I (the user) agree to the following terms. I, the user:


  • Will abide by the Community Agreement in its entirety
  • Promote positivity, presence, and order in all official channels
  • Understand that representing the community as a Resident is a privilege, and will treat it as such
  • Understand that as a privilege, Residency comes with expectations, and that should these expectations fail to be met, this privilege can be removed


Requirements for Residency:


In order for any user to qualify for review of Residency, a user must meet the following criteria:


  • Your nick must be registered, for a minimum of 4 weeks (28 days); AND
  • You must have been active during the last 2 weeks of time of consideration; AND
  • You must have no major prior infractions with the Community Agreement, nor any noted altercations with staff. 
    • Kicks and mutes for minor infractions, like sharing of social media names or similar infractions 

Duties of Residency:


While not staff, Residents are pillars of the community. The average user looks to Residents to set the tone and be a guideline and example for other users. As such, the following are expectations of all Residents:


  • Support and uphold the Community Agreement: Residents are the pillars of the community, not only when Staff aren’t present. Enforcing the agreement is not a part of your duties as a Resident, but reminding others and following the Community Agreement are. Your commitment to following the rules and maintaining a positive environment earned you Residency, and the expectation is that you will continue that same behavior. 
  • Report any suspicious users/malicious activity: The peace and security of Lewdchat relies on the Users. The expectation is that any malicious activity and/or users who are suspected of such activity, behaving inappropriately, or are under age are to be reported through the proper channels, like #report 
  • Support Staff: Staff carry the burden of enforcing the rules, but supporting the staff’s enforcement is an equally important task. While not always popular, supporting staff’s decisions is important in maintaining order, especially when tensions are high. 

Perks of Residency:


  • Factoids: The most notable perk of residency is access to the modification of factoids. You can use @learn to teach the bot to respond to specific things or provide “factoids” about things. To call them up, try @whois or @w “Username” like @whois Fudster
  • “Bad words” Circumvention: To assist with the duties above, but also as a side perk, Residents are immune to the auto-kick for bad words. 
  • A Vote: Your vote matters; as a Resident, your input will be taken into consideration when considering new Residents or for other features like Lewdchat game nights, servers, or events. 

Invitation to Write for LewdChat Blog

We are excited to announce that we now welcome guest posts for the LewdChat blog! We are looking for enthralling, alluring and steamy articles and stories to be written for the readership of our regulars and visitors. This invitation is extended to all: our users, residents, staff, as well as any guests who would like to be published on our website. We will ensure proper credits are given to the author for their published work.

When submitting a guest post for review, kindly ensure that the following guidelines are taken into consideration.


The topic of your blog post is limited only by your racy imagination, as long as you follow a seductive theme. Risqué content is highly desirable as the subject of your article, though not a requirement per se.

We highly recommend interested writers to reach out to us for content ideas and/or suggestions before you start working on a piece to submit. Please direct your discussions regarding blog subjects to the #lewdchat channel on our IRC Chat.

These topics serve as a guideline of what your spicy blog could be about:

  • Your experience on LewdChat
  • A sexy encounter
  • Tips on Roleplaying that work best for you
  • Suggestions on Sexting Online
  • Fictional or Nonfictional Erotica
  • Advices on erotic roleplay for new users
  • How to interact with people in sext chat rooms


The above concepts should not restrict your creativity juices if you have other enlivening ideas.

Any post containing an advertisement for your product or other personal promotions will be immediately rejected.


  1. Your blog must be your original work and must not be published on the internet or print medium prior to submission.
  2. You agree not to publish it on your own blog or webpage, as well as anywhere else on the web.
  3. If you wish to post an abstract on your own website, you may do so with prior consent provided that it links to the original article on the LewdChat website.
  4. You may provide up to a byline for the post, including a small bio relating to the author. This, however, is optional and up to your discretion.
  5. The submission request should be at least 400 words long and no more than 1000 words. Any exception to article length would only be entertained if the topic requires the same.
  6. You should read the following article as an example of erotic literature for the blog:
    Little Tingly Touches: Part one. Kiss them” by xoNiki.


  • The editors at LewdChat will check your submission for grammatical, punctuation and other such errors. In the off chance that a substantial change to your article is deemed necessary, we will email you back with our suggested changes and will require your consent before publishing the work.
  • The editorial team of LewdChat works on a voluntary basis. We ask you to ensure your article is free of basic spelling and such linguistic errors by checking it on an editor such as MS Word. This makes our job slightly easier and helps us appreciate your literary genius for its true brilliance.
  • For clarity and/or publicity purposes, we may occasionally write a brief excerpt or summary to your article to provide context or the underlying principle to depict the importance of your work. We will ensure, in such a case, that our remarks are clearly marked and comprehensible to the reader as separate from your article.


We, at LewdChat, are a community of brilliant and imaginative minds. We fully recognize the work you put into a blog post for submission. However, we reserve the right to publish or deny any request at our own discretion. We appreciate the efforts you put into your lewd posts and thank every one of the authors who decide to submit for publication. We value our users and will assess the articles in terms of their benefit and value to our readers.

In the case that we are unable to approve of your guest post, we would inform you of the same. Notwithstanding our gratitude, our editors may not be able to provide a reason or explanation of a denied blog submission.

Why Should I Write for LewdChat?

When you choose to submit your article to our blog site, you are making a valuable contribution to the LewdChat community by providing engaging and exciting content to our readers and viewers of the website. Your participation helps the webpage grow, our community improve, and our viewership strengthen.

For your constructive efforts towards the betterment of LewdChat and furtherance of our quality public outreach, your endeavors will be duly acknowledged. As earlier stated, a short author byline can be published along with your work on our website. Moreover, we will attempt to provide due recognition to your work in our chatrooms as applicable.

You should also visit the page “Be a Part of LewdChat Community” if you are interested in being more involved with the LewdChat community. The linked article incorporates ways in which you could be helpful to the improvement and advancement of LewdChat.



After you have read through the aforementioned guidelines and your post abides by them:

  • Kindly email it to us at “blogs[at]lewdchat[dot]com” to be considered for submission. Our voluntary editors may require some time to assess and analyze your post before responding to your request.
  • If you wish to include a short bio about yourself, you are encouraged to submit a brief introduction or summary of yourself to be included with the article and in your author profile. As previously iterated, it is not mandatory to include a byline.
  • Please provide your consent that you are inclined to engage with the readers of the blog, which includes regular users of LewdChat, in the comments section of the article.
  • You are free to either use the body of email to include your content or use the attachment feature. The attached file for submission has to be in a renowned format such as doc, docx or pdf.

In any circumstance that we are unable to accept your submission and inform you of the same, you may seek for publication elsewhere.

We, at LewdChat, show our utmost gratitude for your interest in writing for our blog. Thank you.



Be a Part of LewdChat Community

How can I be more involved with LewdChat?

We sincerely hope you have been enjoying your time on our website, discussion rooms and online sexting chat. LewdChat is a community, and people are an integral part of any community. The users make LewdChat be the blooming platform of naughtiness that we all relish and adore. And it is the users who can make it grow not only as a free sexting website, but also as a community: a group of open-minded pals and acquaintances gathering together to have a good time and entertaining conversations, including steamy anonymous sexting.


A regular user or resident has the best interests of LewdChat at heart:

  • We never kink shame others for their unique carnal desires. Our kinks and fetishes may differ vastly in categories and in magnitude, and it is not up to us to judge, point out or embarrass someone for having sexual yearnings or means of gratification that are unlike ours. We are courteous and considerate of each individual’s particular feelings towards encounters of an erotic nature, as well as general emotions.
  • We always spread positive vibes. Discussions in the general chatroom, or anywhere else on the sext chat server, may depict a versatility in topics. We show restraint when it comes to aggravating ideas or offensive subjects of conversation. Respect is an all-inclusive and nondiscriminatory virtue. We always strive to maintain a pleasant welcoming ambience. We try to make every visitor and user in our chat feel at home.
  • We abide by the rules and conduct prescribed by the staff, and ensure it is being followed by other users as well. Kindly peruse through the IRC Rules and Community Agreement and try to adhere to any guidelines as instructed by the moderators.
  • We try to help improve the sexting chat website, LewdChat, to the best of our abilities. This can include participating in general chat, suggestions on regulations, advice on new chat rooms and reporting misuse or unsavory behavior to the channel #report or to a moderator available online.
  • We help the community growth in numbers and in strength. Just being online and active on chat can help LewdChat grow by ensuring the new-comers and visitors are greeted warmly and enjoy their experience on the website. We can refer our friends and acquaintances to try LewdChat if they are interested in erotic roleplay or merely as a fun and entertaining way to spend their free hours.
  • We can write for the blog at LewdChat. We can actively contribute to community participation programs such as the Invitation to Write for LewdChat Blog. For more details on how to take part and share your experiences with the website visitors, visit the link.

The ways in which your help can facilitate LewdChat to maintain a positive environment are not limited to the above. Any value you may add to, or suggest inclusion of, is highly appreciated and will be acknowledged wholeheartedly with gratitude. A Resident member of LewdChat is the one who makes an effort for the betterment and growth of LewdChat to the best of their abilities.

Thank you for being an essential part of the LewdChat community.



Community Agreement

LewdChat is an IRC-based community focused on fun, anonymity, and open-minded behavior. As a platform for connecting users of various levels of anonymity, we have developed a community agreement, rules, and standards for us to follow. We support everyone’s individual rights of expression and free speech, and in order to create a supportive environment for all, the following code applies to all official channels of LewdChat.

By entering LewdChat, I (the user) agree to the following terms. I, the user:

  • Will follow Discord’s Community Guidelines
  • Am 18 years of age or older, AND am in compliance with local law regarding adult content
  • Will abide by the rules and standards set forth below
  • Understand that all Community Staff, including Half-Ops (%), Ops (@), Admins (&), and the Owners(~) directions and requests are made for the good of the community, and will abide by them
  • Understand that should I violate these below rules and duties, that Community Staff reserve the right to restrict my access and use of LewdChat in the forms of, but not limited to, mutes, kicks, and bans.

Rules and Duties:


  • Respect Other Users 
        • LewdChat is a community for any and all. We are the misfits, the deviants, and the mavericks of the internet, and as such will respect all fellow members of the community with dignity. We will not allow or participate in the harassment, even slight, of others, and will create a positive environment for all to be welcome.
  • Respect Staff
        • LewdChat is staffed entirely by volunteers. The staff dedicate their spare time to helping to cultivate this community for all. As such, we understand that staff are meant to look out for us and will do our best to listen and abide by the direction of staff. In official channels only, Staff are sometimes identifiable by signs (including %,@,&,~,!) in front of their nickname
  • Respect Yourself
        • LewdChat’s rules of respecting users don’t stop at you; you matter. As such, we want you to know that self-harm, be it physical, verbal, emotional, is not okay. For the safety of the community, we don’t allow that talk in official channels, and if you are in need of immediate assistance, we encourage you to reach out to professional help and sources.


  • No Hate or Abusive Behavior
        • LewdChat is for everyone. We will not tolerate hate in any capacity, and we view abuse of any kind, shape, or form as an intent to harm others.
  • English Only (In Official Channels)
        • LewdChat is international; however, we are a US-based and operated site. As such, in all official channels and for the safety, security, and peace of mind of all users, we only allow English.
  • No Spamming, Flooding, or Excessive Advertising
        • LewdChat is based and operated primarily on IRC which stands for “Internet Relay Chat”. As such, LewdChat requires that all understand that spamming, flooding, and constant self-advertisement is not allowed in any of the official channels. Self-advertising is not posting numerous links or social media accounts for external contact; this is never allowed. Posting twitter links on news is allowed, but no self-advertisement.


  • Be Yourself (No Catfishing)
        • LewdChat is for everyone; but for the real ones. Outside the context of roleplay, using someone else’s pictures and pretending to be someone else is not allowed. While multiple nicknames are not against the rules, you are encouraged to keep to one specific nickname, so as not to confuse or unintentionally mislead other users.
  • Be Real (Minimize Drama)
        • LewdChat is still for everyone, but even we know that not everyone will get along. In that respect, we ask that if you reach an impasse, a disagreement, or just plain aren’t fond of someone, to sort it out in DMs or use /ignore when possible.
  • Use #Report
        • LewdChat is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers; but that eye in the sky can’t be everywhere at once. If you see anything that requires staff attention, it is your duty to use official channel #Report. Provide screenshots, pictures, anything you can, and staff will get to you ASAP.


  • Use Your Best Judgement
        • LewdChat is open to all, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s conversation or roleplay is open to all. While the name is #lewd, NSFW content needs to be tagged and warned about. When it comes to role play, chiming in, commenting, and participating is good, but be courteous and don’t interfere or interrupt someone else’s flow.
  • Roleplay Conduct
        • LewdChat is not actually a free-for-all fuckfest. Official channels for roleplay include #LewdRP and outside of designated channels, continuous and ongoing roleplay is not encouraged. In official channels, extreme topics including consensual non-consent, self harm, or graphic violence are not allowed. You are encouraged to explore LewdChat for roleplay channels, make your own, or even use DMs.
  • Consent is Key
        • LewdChat doesn’t want the placement to fool you; consent is key. Be it in sexy times or in general conversation, if someone tells you ‘No’, you respect that, end of discussion.


  • Ban Evasion
        • LewdChat’s stance on bans are firm. Bans can be appealed at Outside of ban appeals, attempting to circumvent action taken by staff, be it mutes, bans, or otherwise, will result in compounding bans and further action.
  • Targeting
        • LewdChat is a private entity, and as such we will not tolerate targeted harassment of any individual, group, or creed, including LewdChat itself. Violations of this rule will result in bans.
  • Misleading Others
        • LewdChat is not a place to propagate misinformation in any capacity. Spam links, scam links, catfishing, and deceiving other users is explicitly forbidden.
  • Illicit Discussion
        • Lewdchat is a virtual entity but still subject to law, both local and international. In compliance with the broadest read of law and custom, discussion of any illicit subjects should not be discussed in official rooms
  • Drama
        • LewdChat is a community, not your high school. While some drama is inevitable, we do not tolerate public attacks or bullying in any form. Participating in public attacks and bullying of other users will result in action, leading up to and including bans.



Little Tingly Touches: Part one. Kiss them

Let me be blunt. Some of you (looking at you mainly men, sorry not sorry) think role play is purely summed up by the physical penetration. bad start, actually TERRIBLE start. Romance and small touches can be a great addition to help your partner get that little breath hitch as my skin goosebumps*. So I am going to list some things I love that count as foreplay, romance, subtle dominance, etc that I recommend you trying. Today we will be talking about the all important kiss. Who am I to teach you? A woman. *shrugs* while I won’t speak for all women, I will say I do know some of these work well for many women – tried and true a few myself. Depending on partner I use first or third person role play, so will have examples of both here. This is totally personal preference.


I know you are looking for sex but like don’t forget it is your job to make sure your partner is as turned on as possible. Both physically and mentally. A romantic way to start that is with a kiss. Some examples below – remember detail “1 kiss you” doesn’t count Smdh, paint me a picture.

“Smiles blushing, as her hand reaches out to cup their cheek, thumb lightly stroking their soft skin before leaning up to tenderly place her lips against theirs. Enjoying the moment before licking open their lips and demanding entrance”

“[when partner being bratty] walking forward, backing you up against the wall, hands gently going to hold yours, moving them up as I pin them above your head. Leaning down to nibble at your ear. whispering If you needed something to do with those lips, baby, all you had to do was say so’. Gripping her chin a bit rough and dragging our mouths together, savoring our flavor”


For many regulars, or people who form a relationship of sorts, there are times you aren’t being necessarily lewd but still want your partner to feel affection. Here we have the all important forehead kiss (I am including top of the head kiss in here) and cheek kiss.

Look forehead kiss are LIFE. Period. There is nothing that can make someone feel more safe and cherished than hugging them and giving them a forehead kiss. Try as after care, try as a passing show of subtle affection for an upset friend, just use more forehead kisses dammit. It’s 2020 we need more forehead kisses. I don’t know if you need an example of them but just in case:

“wraps her in a large hug, safely encased in my arms. Placing a lingering kiss on her forehead while running my fingers through her hair”

The cheek kiss isn’t as all encompassing fucking amazing experience, but it is great. Is your partner being cute? Kiss their cheek and smile at them. Is your little in need of some cheering up? Brush their hair behind their ear and kiss their cheek softly while you remind them how amazing they are.


Now kisses aren’t always necessary, or even make sense. Just consider them as a very useful tool in your seduction, cuddle, role play, affection tool belt. If you enjoyed the article let me know! Also feel free to suggest other topics.

And before I leave, this must be said. If you are thinking of approaching me for role play, stop, take a second, and type @canirpwithniki’ in main- that will give you your answer Stay

Lewd Friends,