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How can I be more involved with LewdChat?

We sincerely hope you have been enjoying your time on our website, discussion rooms and online sexting chat. LewdChat is a community, and people are an integral part of any community. The users make LewdChat be the blooming platform of naughtiness that we all relish and adore. And it is the users who can make it grow not only as a free sexting website, but also as a community: a group of open-minded pals and acquaintances gathering together to have a good time and entertaining conversations, including steamy anonymous sexting.


A regular user or resident has the best interests of LewdChat at heart:

  • We never kink shame others for their unique carnal desires. Our kinks and fetishes may differ vastly in categories and in magnitude, and it is not up to us to judge, point out or embarrass someone for having sexual yearnings or means of gratification that are unlike ours. We are courteous and considerate of each individual’s particular feelings towards encounters of an erotic nature, as well as general emotions.
  • We always spread positive vibes. Discussions in the general chatroom, or anywhere else on the sext chat server, may depict a versatility in topics. We show restraint when it comes to aggravating ideas or offensive subjects of conversation. Respect is an all-inclusive and nondiscriminatory virtue. We always strive to maintain a pleasant welcoming ambience. We try to make every visitor and user in our chat feel at home.
  • We abide by the rules and conduct prescribed by the staff, and ensure it is being followed by other users as well. Kindly peruse through the IRC Rules and Community Agreement and try to adhere to any guidelines as instructed by the moderators.
  • We try to help improve the sexting chat website, LewdChat, to the best of our abilities. This can include participating in general chat, suggestions on regulations, advice on new chat rooms and reporting misuse or unsavory behavior to the channel #report or to a moderator available online.
  • We help the community growth in numbers and in strength. Just being online and active on chat can help LewdChat grow by ensuring the new-comers and visitors are greeted warmly and enjoy their experience on the website. We can refer our friends and acquaintances to try LewdChat if they are interested in erotic roleplay or merely as a fun and entertaining way to spend their free hours.
  • We can write for the blog at LewdChat. We can actively contribute to community participation programs such as the Invitation to Write for LewdChat Blog. For more details on how to take part and share your experiences with the website visitors, visit the link.

The ways in which your help can facilitate LewdChat to maintain a positive environment are not limited to the above. Any value you may add to, or suggest inclusion of, is highly appreciated and will be acknowledged wholeheartedly with gratitude. A Resident member of LewdChat is the one who makes an effort for the betterment and growth of LewdChat to the best of their abilities.

Thank you for being an essential part of the LewdChat community.


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So I joined Lewd Chat out of boredom looking for a new faucet to spend time in internet. Been here for a month almost and it’s nice. Ofc with sexting and other things involved. (*_*)(*_*)

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