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LewdChat Roleplay is Exciting

Have you ever wanted to try something different? Is it time to try some of the more common role play partnerships you can explore: being the employee or employer in an office seduction, a naughty nurse caring for a quickly recovering patient, what would happen if you acted on that fantasy about the maid or pool boy who is so innocently sensual, and what exactly do you want to learn with your sexy professor?  Dressing up and pretending to be someone else is definitely a way to extend traditional foreplay and spice things up with a partner.
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Taking it a step further, maybe Fifty Shades sparked your interest in exploring BDSM kinks.  And there is so much to explore, between bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and maybe even sadism/masochism, all present different ways to amplify the excitement in sexting for you. Did you know 87% of women and 95% of men also fantasize about multiple partners? How often are those opportunities likely to come around in real life for you?

Last, but not least, what about those interested in sexual novelty or just good old adventure? Is there an incubus or succubus that haunts your sleepless nights? Maybe a tentacle monster threatens to overwhelm.  Are you hot for an action hero, an anime vixen, or a comic book superheroine?  Just think what all those special ‘power’s can do to spice up your role play.

Why LewdChat Roleplay

There’s no reason to limit the type of role play you bring to a LewdChat channel.  LewdChat fosters an inclusive and supportive community that is both adventurous and open-minded.  We welcome all orientations and all forms and subjects of role play, both sexual and non-sexual. Our smaller, cozier rooms create an intimate feeling, while still allowing an audience of eager voyeurs to watch and enjoy the excitement you inspire.

Many members have participated in role play and/or sexting for many years.  These literate and expressive partners appreciate the effort and creativity our visitors bring. Role plays here can be long, detailed seductions, scenes from a favorite fantasy realm, or short, intimate encounters between a handful of visitors.

And where better to learn or sharpen your role play skills than by watching others? Anyone wishing to be part of the next session is welcome to come into what is thought of as a friendly, but adaptable bar setting.  You can sit on the couch and look around, get to know others, or help yourself at the bar.  One sure conversation opener is to climb into the whirlpool. Chat w/ the bartender, even be the bartender for a while if you like, handing out drinks or snacks, maybe even bits of wisdom to newcomers.


We want everyone to have fun but also be safe while they do it. A user in this channel can be watching or participating, whichever they choose, so it’s important to not assume everyone is interested in doing something with players, just because they are in the channel.

Communication, especially with certain topics is even more important, so please make sure you outline the role play scene and your expectations with all partners before beginning and make sure they are comfortable with the story. There’s also nothing that prevents you from starting a role play in the public channel and then retiring to private messages for aftercare.


Enter the channel quietly.  It’s important not to interrupt a role play in progress, so it is always best to join the channel and wait for 5 minutes or so to see whether there is a role play underway and what is happening.  Wait for one of the players to invite the crowd in general to join in if appropriate. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy until the role play finishes. If there isn’t an active role play in progress, feel free to chat lightly with others or suggest a role play you would like to lead or participate in.  As with all LewdChat channels, please be polite and respectful of other members. Chat now

During the role play, use the action command /me to take an action and include anything you say in the role play that way also, making it clear those words are specific to the role play itself. This will produce a sentence on the channel that starts with your nickname either in a different color or as indented text.

For example, if John enters: /me looks at his watch, surprised “Look at the time”

The channel will display: John looks at his watch, surprised “Look at the time”


Post normally to engage with the audience directly, outside of the scene. Add gifs, audio, or generic pics to enhance and build the role play fantasy.

And for those watching – when the role play is finished and if you enjoyed the scene, it’s always nice to let the players know they did a good job.


We don’t have too many rules, but the ones we have are very important and help us keep the LewdChat Role Play room a warm, friendly place for everyone.

  • You must be over the age of 18
  • Don’t interrupt an active role play with other chats, fights, or discouraging comments
  • Get consent from other members before attempting to pull them into a role play. If someone says no, please respect their decision and back off politely

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