Getting Noticed in LewdChat 

You’re here. For whatever reason, you’re on the main channel of LewdChat. It’s often fast-paced and chaotic. So how does someone get noticed in the rush of all those conversations? You do that with your identity and activity.

Your Identity

Straight men represent the majority of LewdChat visitors. Individually, you compete with almost all other men for the remaining 66% of women (estimated) who are straight.  To stand out with your info, consider:

  • Nicknames – it’s great to be anonymous every time, but that means you start from scratch each time you use another name.
    • Use the same nickname on your visits so people recognize you in the channel.
    • If you have something clever and like it, restrict it to your own use by Registering it. There are lots of guys named Jack but maybe only one JackinABox. 
    • Some words or phrases are overused. Including “Horny” in your nickname can seem selfish, considering we’re all probably horny or we wouldn’t be here. “Big Dick” comes off as bragging even if true. “Dom” can scare off those wanting vanilla sexting or can attract submissive women.
    • Novelty names, like famous people or food, always stand out.  They make both good and bad impressions.
  • Location – can have more than just country, continent, or US State
    • Expand gender info if that shows what you are open to (e.g., bi-sexual, or pan-sexual)
    • List your offers (e.g., oral, BDSM, degrading, etc.)

Women, regardless of partner preferences, are outnumbered about 5:1.  You don’t have to say anything; others will see a new F in the Members list and will message you directly or tag you in the channel. It can be overwhelming and maybe a nuisance if your interests aren’t the same as theirs. In this case, your strategy might include:

  • You can choose a ‘normal’ nickname or create one that tells others how you feel or behave. While I prefer using “casey”, you may create a nickname that suggests you are cute, cuddly, feminine, a tomboy, wild and crazy, slutty, furry, mean, bratty, or downright nasty.
  • Location
    • Add info to your location to explain whom you want to be contacted by or what you are looking for (e.g., only ladies, only older men, a submissive, RP only, etc.). 
    • You can also expand gender information.  “A bi-sexual looking for girls” might avoid a few messages while “Bi-sexual” would imply you are open to women and men. 

Your Activity

Join the chat

The largest channels delay each person’s JOIN message to prevent spamming when many people join. So, until you post a comment or a mod flushes the channel, your nickname won’t immediately appear in the Member list.  This can allow you a few minutes to “lurk” while you read the channel rules in the topic, or watch what is being posted by other members or the channel bots.

  • You can let others see you join with any post, like “Hi” or a single character
  • With so many conversations going on, it’s best to tag people using their nickname in your post if you speak to anyone specific.
  • Don’t be rude or mean.  If you make a mistake, apologize quickly, then move on.
  • You don’t have to post anything – but posts are a significant way to let others know you want to meet them. It’s also where you can show others why they might want to pm/dm you.

It’s important to understand channel and community rules, so take the time to read them before joining conversations so you don’t upset others, get kicked, or be banned.

Stand Out

  • For the first week or so, let others know you’re new, returning after an absence, or still trying to get used to the site.  Most don’t mind helping newcomers.
  • Play duck hunt – a friendly competition against others to kill a duck in the main channel. 
  • Once you’re comfortable, welcome other new Members. Share what you like here, find out what they are looking for, and help if you can. They may remember you for your kindness later.
  • Flirt
    • Compliment someone on something they said, their name, or their info.
    • Use playful language to show interest.
    • Use interesting emojis, puns, or jokes.
    • Ask flirty (not too personal) questions.
    • Tell someone you’re interested in them.
    • Don’t be too forward or sexual in public rooms; flirting should be light and playful.
  • Talk about non-sexual passions:
    • Favorite foods – something you ate recently or want to try.  Include a picture.
    • Music – share a link to a song you’re listening to, a favorite chilling song, a favorite workout song, or find a song that someone’s comments reminded you of.
    • Movies – What did you stream recently, what did you like, were you disappointed about the ending, would you recommend it, what’s your favorite movie.
    • TV shows – season finales (without spoilers), new seasons.
    • Memes – particularly if relevant to one of the conversations flowing in the channel.
    • Video Games – there are lots of gamers here.  Talk about what you are playing or what you are thinking about playing. Ask for recommendations.
  • Avoid triggering topics such as mental health. You may be bored, or not in the best headspace, but it’s not up to anyone else to entertain you.
  • Let others know if you need real help and don’t know where else to get it. Ask someone if they have time to hear you vent or give an outside opinion.

Politeness always stands out! Don’t leave your manners with your pants when you come in.

  • Visit the smaller public channels. They have different Members and “vibes”.  Fewer people mean a cozier environment where it’s easier to get noticed.

And finally, be patient. It’s unreasonable to think you’ll be sexting the moment you step in. You don’t randomly ask people for sex in real life, right? Good things come if you put in some time and effort.

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