The Resident Agreement

Resident Agreement:


First and foremost, LewdChat is a community by and for its users. Residents are the pillars of the LewdChat community, that support and uphold the Community Agreement, 


As a Resident of LewdChat, I (the user) agree to the following terms. I, the user:


  • Will abide by the Community Agreement in its entirety
  • Promote positivity, presence, and order in all official channels
  • Understand that representing the community as a Resident is a privilege, and will treat it as such
  • Understand that as a privilege, Residency comes with expectations, and that should these expectations fail to be met, this privilege can be removed


Requirements for Residency:


In order for any user to qualify for review of Residency, a user must meet the following criteria:


  • Your nick must be registered, for a minimum of 4 weeks (28 days); AND
  • You must have been active during the last 2 weeks of time of consideration; AND
  • You must have no major prior infractions with the Community Agreement, nor any noted altercations with staff. 
    • Kicks and mutes for minor infractions, like sharing of social media names or similar infractions 

Duties of Residency:


While not staff, Residents are pillars of the community. The average user looks to Residents to set the tone and be a guideline and example for other users. As such, the following are expectations of all Residents:


  • Support and uphold the Community Agreement: Residents are the pillars of the community, not only when Staff aren’t present. Enforcing the agreement is not a part of your duties as a Resident, but reminding others and following the Community Agreement are. Your commitment to following the rules and maintaining a positive environment earned you Residency, and the expectation is that you will continue that same behavior. 
  • Report any suspicious users/malicious activity: The peace and security of Lewdchat relies on the Users. The expectation is that any malicious activity and/or users who are suspected of such activity, behaving inappropriately, or are under age are to be reported through the proper channels, like #report 
  • Support Staff: Staff carry the burden of enforcing the rules, but supporting the staff’s enforcement is an equally important task. While not always popular, supporting staff’s decisions is important in maintaining order, especially when tensions are high. 

Perks of Residency:


  • Factoids: The most notable perk of residency is access to the modification of factoids. You can use @learn to teach the bot to respond to specific things or provide “factoids” about things. To call them up, try @whois or @w “Username” like @whois Fudster
  • “Bad words” Circumvention: To assist with the duties above, but also as a side perk, Residents are immune to the auto-kick for bad words. 
  • A Vote: Your vote matters; as a Resident, your input will be taken into consideration when considering new Residents or for other features like Lewdchat game nights, servers, or events. 

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