The Resident Agreement

Resident Agreement:


First and foremost, LewdChat is a community by and for its users. Residents are the pillars of the LewdChat community, that support and uphold the Community Agreement, 


As a Resident of LewdChat, I (the user) agree to the following terms. I, the user:


  • Will abide by the Community Agreement in its entirety
  • Promote positivity, presence, and order in all official channels
  • Understand that representing the community as a Resident is a privilege, and will treat it as such
  • Understand that as a privilege, Residency comes with expectations, and that should these expectations fail to be met, this privilege can be removed


Requirements for Residency:


In order for any user to qualify for review of Residency, a user must meet the following criteria:


  • Your nick must be registered, for a minimum of 4 weeks (28 days); AND
  • You must have been active during the last 2 weeks of time of consideration; AND
  • You must have no major prior infractions with the Community Agreement, nor any noted altercations with staff. 
    • Kicks and mutes for minor infractions, like sharing of social media names or similar infractions 

Duties of Residency:


While not staff, Residents are pillars of the community. The average user looks to Residents to set the tone and be a guideline and example for other users. As such, the following are expectations of all Residents:


  • Support and uphold the Community Agreement: Residents are the pillars of the community, not only when Staff aren’t present. Enforcing the agreement is not a part of your duties as a Resident, but reminding others and following the Community Agreement are. Your commitment to following the rules and maintaining a positive environment earned you Residency, and the expectation is that you will continue that same behavior. 
  • Report any suspicious users/malicious activity: The peace and security of Lewdchat relies on the Users. The expectation is that any malicious activity and/or users who are suspected of such activity, behaving inappropriately, or are under age are to be reported through the proper channels, like #report 
  • Support Staff: Staff carry the burden of enforcing the rules, but supporting the staff’s enforcement is an equally important task. While not always popular, supporting staff’s decisions is important in maintaining order, especially when tensions are high. 

Perks of Residency:


  • Factoids: The most notable perk of residency is access to the modification of factoids. You can use @learn to teach the bot to respond to specific things or provide “factoids” about things. To call them up, try @whois or @w “Username” like @whois Fudster
  • “Bad words” Circumvention: To assist with the duties above, but also as a side perk, Residents are immune to the auto-kick for bad words. 
  • A Vote: Your vote matters; as a Resident, your input will be taken into consideration when considering new Residents or for other features like Lewdchat game nights, servers, or events. 

Community Agreement

LewdChat is an IRC-based community focused on fun, anonymity, and open-minded behavior. As a platform for connecting users of various levels of anonymity, we have developed a community agreement, rules, and standards for us to follow. We support everyone’s individual rights of expression and free speech, and in order to create a supportive environment for all, the following code applies to all official channels of LewdChat.

By entering LewdChat, I (the user) agree to the following terms. I, the user:

  • Will follow Discord’s Community Guidelines
  • Am 18 years of age or older, AND am in compliance with local law regarding adult content
  • Will abide by the rules and standards set forth below
  • Understand that all Community Staff, including Half-Ops (%), Ops (@), Admins (&), and the Owners(~) directions and requests are made for the good of the community, and will abide by them
  • Understand that should I violate these below rules and duties, that Community Staff reserve the right to restrict my access and use of LewdChat in the forms of, but not limited to, mutes, kicks, and bans.

Rules and Duties:


  • Respect Other Users 
        • LewdChat is a community for any and all. We are the misfits, the deviants, and the mavericks of the internet, and as such will respect all fellow members of the community with dignity. We will not allow or participate in the harassment, even slight, of others, and will create a positive environment for all to be welcome.
  • Respect Staff
        • LewdChat is staffed entirely by volunteers. The staff dedicate their spare time to helping to cultivate this community for all. As such, we understand that staff are meant to look out for us and will do our best to listen and abide by the direction of staff. In official channels only, Staff are sometimes identifiable by signs (including %,@,&,~,!) in front of their nickname
  • Respect Yourself
        • LewdChat’s rules of respecting users don’t stop at you; you matter. As such, we want you to know that self-harm, be it physical, verbal, emotional, is not okay. For the safety of the community, we don’t allow that talk in official channels, and if you are in need of immediate assistance, we encourage you to reach out to professional help and sources.


  • No Hate or Abusive Behavior
        • LewdChat is for everyone. We will not tolerate hate in any capacity, and we view abuse of any kind, shape, or form as an intent to harm others.
  • English Only (In Official Channels)
        • LewdChat is international; however, we are a US-based and operated site. As such, in all official channels and for the safety, security, and peace of mind of all users, we only allow English.
  • No Spamming, Flooding, or Excessive Advertising
        • LewdChat is based and operated primarily on IRC which stands for “Internet Relay Chat”. As such, LewdChat requires that all understand that spamming, flooding, and constant self-advertisement is not allowed in any of the official channels. Self-advertising is not posting numerous links or social media accounts for external contact; this is never allowed. Posting twitter links on news is allowed, but no self-advertisement.


  • Be Yourself (No Catfishing)
        • LewdChat is for everyone; but for the real ones. Outside the context of roleplay, using someone else’s pictures and pretending to be someone else is not allowed. While multiple nicknames are not against the rules, you are encouraged to keep to one specific nickname, so as not to confuse or unintentionally mislead other users.
  • Be Real (Minimize Drama)
        • LewdChat is still for everyone, but even we know that not everyone will get along. In that respect, we ask that if you reach an impasse, a disagreement, or just plain aren’t fond of someone, to sort it out in DMs or use /ignore when possible.
  • Use #Report
        • LewdChat is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers; but that eye in the sky can’t be everywhere at once. If you see anything that requires staff attention, it is your duty to use official channel #Report. Provide screenshots, pictures, anything you can, and staff will get to you ASAP.


  • Use Your Best Judgement
        • LewdChat is open to all, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s conversation or roleplay is open to all. While the name is #lewd, NSFW content needs to be tagged and warned about. When it comes to role play, chiming in, commenting, and participating is good, but be courteous and don’t interfere or interrupt someone else’s flow.
  • Roleplay Conduct
        • LewdChat is not actually a free-for-all fuckfest. Official channels for roleplay include #LewdRP and outside of designated channels, continuous and ongoing roleplay is not encouraged. In official channels, extreme topics including consensual non-consent, self harm, or graphic violence are not allowed. You are encouraged to explore LewdChat for roleplay channels, make your own, or even use DMs.
  • Consent is Key
        • LewdChat doesn’t want the placement to fool you; consent is key. Be it in sexy times or in general conversation, if someone tells you ‘No’, you respect that, end of discussion.


  • Ban Evasion
        • LewdChat’s stance on bans are firm. Bans can be appealed at Outside of ban appeals, attempting to circumvent action taken by staff, be it mutes, bans, or otherwise, will result in compounding bans and further action.
  • Targeting
        • LewdChat is a private entity, and as such we will not tolerate targeted harassment of any individual, group, or creed, including LewdChat itself. Violations of this rule will result in bans.
  • Misleading Others
        • LewdChat is not a place to propagate misinformation in any capacity. Spam links, scam links, catfishing, and deceiving other users is explicitly forbidden.
  • Illicit Discussion
        • Lewdchat is a virtual entity but still subject to law, both local and international. In compliance with the broadest read of law and custom, discussion of any illicit subjects should not be discussed in official rooms
  • Drama
        • LewdChat is a community, not your high school. While some drama is inevitable, we do not tolerate public attacks or bullying in any form. Participating in public attacks and bullying of other users will result in action, leading up to and including bans.