Little Tingly Touches: Part one. Kiss them

Let me be blunt. Some of you (looking at you mainly men, sorry not sorry) think role play is purely summed up by the physical penetration. bad start, actually TERRIBLE start. Romance and small touches can be a great addition to help your partner get that little breath hitch as my skin goosebumps*. So I am going to list some things I love that count as foreplay, romance, subtle dominance, etc that I recommend you trying. Today we will be talking about the all important kiss. Who am I to teach you? A woman. *shrugs* while I won’t speak for all women, I will say I do know some of these work well for many women – tried and true a few myself. Depending on partner I use first or third person role play, so will have examples of both here. This is totally personal preference.


I know you are looking for sex but like don’t forget it is your job to make sure your partner is as turned on as possible. Both physically and mentally. A romantic way to start that is with a kiss. Some examples below – remember detail “1 kiss you” doesn’t count Smdh, paint me a picture.

“Smiles blushing, as her hand reaches out to cup their cheek, thumb lightly stroking their soft skin before leaning up to tenderly place her lips against theirs. Enjoying the moment before licking open their lips and demanding entrance”

“[when partner being bratty] walking forward, backing you up against the wall, hands gently going to hold yours, moving them up as I pin them above your head. Leaning down to nibble at your ear. whispering If you needed something to do with those lips, baby, all you had to do was say so’. Gripping her chin a bit rough and dragging our mouths together, savoring our flavor”


For many regulars, or people who form a relationship of sorts, there are times you aren’t being necessarily lewd but still want your partner to feel affection. Here we have the all important forehead kiss (I am including top of the head kiss in here) and cheek kiss.

Look forehead kiss are LIFE. Period. There is nothing that can make someone feel more safe and cherished than hugging them and giving them a forehead kiss. Try as after care, try as a passing show of subtle affection for an upset friend, just use more forehead kisses dammit. It’s 2020 we need more forehead kisses. I don’t know if you need an example of them but just in case:

“wraps her in a large hug, safely encased in my arms. Placing a lingering kiss on her forehead while running my fingers through her hair”

The cheek kiss isn’t as all encompassing fucking amazing experience, but it is great. Is your partner being cute? Kiss their cheek and smile at them. Is your little in need of some cheering up? Brush their hair behind their ear and kiss their cheek softly while you remind them how amazing they are.


Now kisses aren’t always necessary, or even make sense. Just consider them as a very useful tool in your seduction, cuddle, role play, affection tool belt. If you enjoyed the article let me know! Also feel free to suggest other topics.

And before I leave, this must be said. If you are thinking of approaching me for role play, stop, take a second, and type @canirpwithniki’ in main- that will give you your answer Stay

Lewd Friends,