Roleplaying Guidelines

We all come to LewdChat for various reasons. Some to hang and talk with friends. Some shoot ducks. And most, at some point, want to sext with someone they get along with. Engaging in erotic roleplay can be incredible and equally enjoyable if certain guidelines are followed to ensure the experience is pleasurable for all parties involved.

Welcome your partner into a private messaging session, or DM. Or if you are initiating the DM session, do the same and greet them well. Try to make each other feel welcome. A relaxed and comfortable environment will go a long way to assist in fulfilling everyone’s goal. Remember this is some people’s first time and they are nervous, worried, and possibly scared. Kind salutations give them a sense of calm to an otherwise nervous situation.

Asking what they are into, what turns them on, is vital. You need to know why they are here. We all have desires but we need to elaborate them to our partner so they know what we are looking for in the interaction to follow. And this helps us know what to do, how to act, and to make the event more of a success.

ALWAYS ask about their limits. We all have boundaries and an explicit definition of them can be a make or break moment in the session. Ask what they are ok with, what they aren’t. Arguments do not have a place in this discussion; be respectful of what the other person feels comfortable or not to engage in. We all have kinks so be supportive and if you can’t entertain their requests, politely inform them so they can keep looking. Also, understand what “no limits” means. Scat and Piss are not something everybody is into, so if you are not into them you probably shouldn’t say No Limits.

Role Playing/RP:
You need to make sure you are explaining what you desire, or what you will be doing. This is supposed to be enjoyable for both sides. Make sure to ask questions so the RP session is satisfying for both. Again, if you are not comfortable or don’t feel you can RP surrounding a certain preference or topic, let them know. The specifics should be agreeable to both parties for it to be enjoyable.

Never just jump in and start the activities. Communicate at the beginning, and during. Things change quickly and you should be checking in with your partner to ensure they are having a good time.

Safe Word:
Most of the time, a safe word is used in situations where something could potentially go wrong or unpleasantly. It is a good practice to ask them for a safe word. This allows anyone who has issues with the present situation to stop it immediately. This is normal for various types of BDSM roleplaying, but can be used for almost any chat/sexting.

Both of you:
Remember that there are two(or perhaps more) of you in that moment. Make sure you are including them in everything, indulging in what is pleasurable for them, and ensuring that it proceeds as they desired. We should ensure that both parties are enjoying this, and not just one.

Next Time:
Consider the above suggestions as they could lead to you being asked for another chat next time they are online.

We all want to enjoy our time on LewdChat, and together. Being open to others’ thoughts, wishes, and desires ensures everyone has a place here to be themselves. Kinks are not always easy for everyone to open up about. We need to make certain that LewdChat is a safe place to feel comfortable enough to do just that.