Public Roleplay Etiquette

The first and most important thing to know while using the services of LewdChat are the Community Rules

We all come to LewdChat to destress and to have some fun, to a place where we feel safe. Some part of that fun happens in public and the rules, as iterated above, apply everywhere on the chat platform. Below, you will find some advice that will be appropriate for you to follow if you choose to participate in the public roleplaying channels.

First and paramount, Consent! As stated in the community rules and guidelines, consent is of utmost importance, including public roleplay on the chat. Always ask your partner(s) for consent, whether the erotic roleplaying is in a public channel or a private messaging session. We all like to have fun together , but if a partner declines or says no, we must be respectful and cease our pursuit by not continuing to irritate or antagonize them further. No means No.

Second, as any user can read the messages in a public channel, Be respectful! Avoid sensitive topics and more extreme kinks, as they might be over the limits and/or triggering to the majority of the readers or participants. It is appropriate to ask what the partner(s)’ likes and dislikes are, and what they are into.

Third, when being involved with multiple partners, take into consideration that others might want to join and be part of the fun as well. If it is consensual for all parties involved, work with them, try to balance and don’t let ego stop you from having an inclusively enjoyable time, perhaps making some new friends on the way. Do not try to force your way into the RP or make it all about only your pleasure. Fun is most fun when it is shared.

Fourth, your partner(s) may have certain limits when it comes to erotic roleplaying, Respect their boundaries. Make everyone involved feel like it’s a safe space by not violating the explicit boundaries set by them, or acting in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. Communication is key and inquiring about such limits is advisable if you feel like the situation necessitates it. Similarly, there may be certain topics and acts that are most desirable for them; being considerate of what pleases them ensures everyone has a pleasant and pleasurable experience.

In the end, LewdChat and the channels on the platform are where we come to find escape, and a place we know we will not be judged for who we are. We only have to follow the rules, be respectful towards others, and not forget we are part of a sociable community.